Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Arnotts Tim Tam Review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing the sugary sweet, Arnotts Tim Tam. The one and only original flavor.

The basics: Arnotts Tim Tam originates from Australia, however they are now able to be purchased in the United States at Target, for about three dollars a pack. Currently, the original and caramel flavors are sold.

Deceivingly sweet and melts in your mouth. A secret candy bar.
To say that I had high expectations is an understatement. For years, I have seen dozens of rave and praise on youtube and blogs all around.  For years, I salivated and dreamt about holding these in my hands. Of course, back then I was obsessed with all things chocolate and sweet.  I am older now and my sweet tooth is not as strong.

Tim Tams are said to taste exactly like a candy bar, except it is a cookie.

I am delightfully amazed that these cookies, do indeed, taste like candy bars.  They remind me a tad bit of the milky way candy bar, mostly because of the soft center. Of course, I can be completely off the chart with this comparison, as nowadays I don't eat too much chocolate, however the taste does stir up some nostalgic memory for me.  

Tim Tams consist of two biscuits/wafers coated with chocolate, and squished between them: a nice  chocolate filling.  The main difference between a Tim Tam, and a regular chocolate candy bar is how smooth it is.  Every bite delivers a nice crunch, without any sort of chewiness or tough bite to it.

Now the filling. The most delightful part.  The chocolate inside the bar melts in your mouth in a good feel type of way. I'm not sure if it leans more on the fudge or milk chocolate side, but it has the consistency of a cream.  I can see why people love pairing this with a nice hot beverage on the side.

Dunk this in a glass of milk, or a cup of coffee and you'll probably get your daily dose of sugar for the day.

Personally, the only downside were how insanely sugary these tasted. I am only able to consume on bar per day.  I don't think I will buy these frequently due to this reason, but I would as a treat or a reward.

Note: I got this for free as a bzzagent, all opinions are my own.