Saturday, October 11, 2014

ChapStick Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Day and Night Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review. Today, I will be going over a new chapstick that was sent to me by Smiley for free. (You may click on this link to receive .50 cents off this product!) However, my opinion is 100% my own. I may edit this post to update on anything new that happens with this product.

The kit itself.
The package came in a bubble wrapped large envelope with the Smiley logo stickered on.  The ChapStick kit included one ChapStick Dual Ended Hydration Lock Day and Night, and some .50 cent coupons to use on their products.

"Dual-ended premium lip balm for clinically proven healthier looking lips , Day formula is ultra-conditioning with SPF to protect your lips by day, Night formula contains tamanu oil and natural butters to replenish your lips by night"- Via

The chapstick has two different scents to differentiate between the uses .  The day end is more of a soft vanilla, or frosting, scent. The day end has spf 12 in it, and is advised to use 15 minutes before you go out in the sun.    Whereas the day is a sweet sugary scent,  the Night end is more lemony and has a more soothing and subtle smell.

 This chapstick works pretty good as long as you use both equally, on a consistent manner.  Otherwise, it feels as if the daytime end doesn't moisturize enough as it does when you use it together with the night end, or if you use it everyday.  I did find that the first day of using this, it made my lips more dried out, and flakey, but after the second day it soothed it out.

After wearing this for a month now, I have to say- I love this!  After continuous use, it does seem as if its doing its job. I prefer the night time use as it contains oils that seeps into your lips overnight, and prevent it from dehydrating - A common thing that happens to me, especially as it nears winter cold nights.

However, the downside is that I noticed after a few days of forgetting to use it, my lips became extremely dry and peely, despite keeping hydrated.  It did soothe a bit when I began to use it daily, but my lips were still left a bit dried. Of course, there is a warning to not use this on broken skin, so perhaps this is why it didn't seem to work as efficient after my lips dried, cracked, and began peeling off. So I don't fault this product for that.

Overall, this is worth buying and keeping around in your purse.  This can become anyones best friend, and the best part? You won't feel a need to constantly reapply it like many other chapsticks.  While I do prefer the night end better, since it does a better job and hydrating your lips over night, I have found that both works pretty well if used together daily.  

These also are light enough on your lips to wear before applying lipstick on, especially for matte type of lipsticks.

You can buy these at your local drugstores or supermarkets, or anywhere that sell this type of product. They retail for about $2.99

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Love With Food August Gluten-Free Box Code + Spoilers

Hi Everyone! I have some exciting news today for everyone.  I have a 50% off code for your first Love with Food box as well as some spoilers for the first ever Gluten-Free Box from the company Love with Food.

Love with Food
Here's a hint:  Cookie Mix, Multigrain BBQ chips, and nutty rice bites with blueberries. Excited? You should be! My stomach is already watering by the aspect of the yummy treats inside. Read on to find out the exact details of whats hidden inside the Gluten-Free box of August.

[ Code ]
Since this is what most people tend to look for, here is the code upfront! Below are the spoilers.

Use BLGGLUTENFREE to get 50% off the first ever Love With Food Gluten-Free box!
Sign up before August 1st to receive this box! Hurry! This offer WILL go fast.

[ Spoilers Ahead ]
* All images and info courtesy of Love with Food. Thanks!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Jordana Color Envy Waterproof liquid Eyeliner Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing The Jordana Color Envy eyeliner in the color 02 Brown Desire. Swatches are at the end of the post.

02 Brown Envy.

I recently went to Kmart and wandered to the beauty section, in hopes of buying a cheap eyeliner or two in replacement of my missing black liquid eyeliner.  I found this for $2.99 and immediately grabbed the only brown one available.  After all, I have dozens of black pencil eyeliners, I might as well snag a brown liquid one to see the difference between the browns and blacks.

Fortunately, I have heard of this brand during my adventures of Ipsy *, a monthly beauty subscription service for only $10 a month. I have heard good moderate reviews on this, so my experimentation with this brand began.

For it's price, I have to say, this is a moderately good product.  The brush is a fine point that delivers an easy to make thin line. However, I found that this product leaked a lot.  Upon application, it had so much excess product, that it would smudge on my lower lash lines and above on my crease. Besides that, it manages to easily drip to my lashes, in which it will harden and cause my lashes to become brittle and weak.  Yikes, right? I'm assuming this is due to the waterproof aspect taking effect.

Besides those cons, I found that this eyeliner does last hours, and once it settles it does not smudge at all. With a heat wave that struck humidity down on us rather harshly, I was surprised that this eyeliner lasted about 5 hours before it began to fade and chip off.  This is including sitting directly in front of the sun.  It lasts longer if you use a pencil liner to fill in the cracks, or on any areas that fade.

I would suggest having a cotton tip and makeup remover on hand, when using this eyeliner, especially if it manages to smudge around or dip down to your lashes. 

Overall, for a $3 product, I got what I paid for. While there were many flaws to it, I did like how it long it last, and how similar to black it looked, without looking as harsh on the eyes. I also loved how it didn't smudge.  Be warn, this product does chip and fade after a few hours!

S w a t c h e s
Arm Swatches. Super liquidy.
Left - Bathroom Lighting.
Right- Natural Lighting.

Me wearing the Jordana Color Envy eyeliner in 02 Brown Desire.

* This is a referral link.  If you sign up under it, you have my greatest thanks!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sleek MakeUp- Mini Birthday Haul Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Long time no post, but I still haven't received my hard drive, so I figured I should do individual reviews of some recent makeup products I got for my birthday. :) My reviews on my subscriptions shall be posted within the next few weeks- stay tuned! Till Then, here is my

Sleek Makeup Mini Birthday Haul Review

{   True Colour Lipstick in the color Mystic   }
Price: $7.49

Left: Lipstick managed to break off with how soft it was. Natural light.

 A gorgeous purple color that is more on the pinkish tone side, with a hint of glitter and shine.  This is a matte lipstick that conditions and hydrates your lips.  Due to it being a matte, I do suggest applying a bit of lip balm with it.

I love this color and this lipstick. It goes on smooth, and gives a good pigmentation. I do wish it was a more true purple, but this is pretty nice.  It reminds me of many fuchsia lip colors like the Pop Beauty Lip Stain, but a tad bit darker.

The only downside is that this melts ridiculously fast. I'm assuming this is probably due to some wax in the formula.  Terrible considering that it is summer, and the temperature is reaching as high as 95 degrees.  I found that no matter where I placed this at, I would open it and find it half melted with  heat bumps all over it.  It seems like shoving it in the fridge is a temporary fix. 

I admit. I wish this was a pure darker purple color.

  S w a t c h e s (Click to

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FOTD- Newbie tries hand at makeup again

Hello everyone! I haven't been able to update because I am having my laptop fixed over due to hard drive issues. So ALL my reviews and pictures are temporarily on hold till I get it back.  I decided I should just share a simple look I did because...well why not? I'm not an expert, and help would be appreciated of course.  I had fun with this, so haha.  I usually practice and experiment with different looks, and usually post the pictures on my instagram or facebook, so check it if you want. (:

Messy  hair, messy everything. What happens after you drink coffee! ((:

Products used
POP BEAUTY Pouty Pop Crayon - Coral Crush
California Collection BH COSMETICS
- Colors used: Malibu and Hollywood

SECRET KISS Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner
STARLOOKS Gem Pencil in the color Topaz
VICTORIA'S SECRET Bold Line Liquid Liner

I need to invest in some base and primers. I know I know. Ahh.

Maybe I'll do this more often, and share more pictures while I wait for my hard drive to return to me. :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Beauty Box 5- May Code + Spoiler

Hiya everyone! I haven't updated for a long while now, I know.  I underestimated how much subscription boxes I ordered, yikes. I been trying out the products, to get a personal feel of them, before I just plaster out a full review.  You can follow my instagram or my personal facebook if you wish to see preview pictures early on. (:

Anywho! In case any of you didn't hear: Beauty Box is currently running a promo code to get your first month absolutely free! For new Subscribers ONLY.  The best part? They already released a spoiler.

May Spoiler for Beauty Box 5
Image from Beauty Box 5.

All subscribers will receive a full sized Precisione Eyeliner by Cattiva. Eyeliner is always welcomed, especially in a free box.

Beauty Box 5

Use code: FIRSTBOXFREE3  to get your first box free! Be warned though! You will see a $1 charge on your bank card, if it was successful. This is in order to authorized that your card is legit.

If you would like this offer, please sign up now.  This offer expires on  April 30, 2014 OR while supplies last.

If that code does not work, please visit their facebook post, that shows this offer.

Referral link: I would really appreciate it if you used my referral link (: You don't need to if you don't want. Thanks if you do!

If not, just sign up on

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tohato Honey Yogurt Caramel Corn Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! I decided to go back to my roots, and get off my butt and actually review some of the snacks from hauls I got months ago.  A few months back, I managed to go to the widely talked about Asian Store- Dainobu. It is a Japanese Deli + Grocery located in 12 ST E 47th Street in New York, NY.

I have to admit. I splurged. Even more so than usual because of the sales being held. I managed to get about 34 items for only $80.  Yikes, right? It was worth it!

Honey Yogurt Caramel Corn
Brand: Tohato
Price:  $2.98
Bought at Dainobu
First off, the packaging.  I noticed it right away because of the bold bright yellow bag.  Each flavor of the Tohato Caramel Corn snack comes in different colors with different expressions or faces on them.  The best looking ones are the Halloween editions, so cute!

Initially, I heard of this brand before, and was trying to find the original red bag one (Peanut one said to taste just like Cracker Jack), but instead found this one and an orange flavored one (Will Review later).   I'm not too much of a fan of honey flavored items, but I LOVE Yogurt stuff.  So why not try it? I'll say it now. This was a perfect choice.

To open, you have to grab the pointy edges and pull down; which causes it to open it from the side. Not exactly ideal if you want to save some for later (as I tend to do).

How curly!

This snack is a caramelized corn puff with a flavoring of yogurt and honey.  It has the consistency and texture of a cheese doodle- fluffy but not too airy,  and makes a slight snap when bitten. This snack is more lumpy and curly in appearance, compared to your regular corn snack.

It also melts nicely into your mouth, which is always good for small children. (Note: My greedy side wants to keep this all to myself because it is so addicting to eat).

I have to say, this snack is really good.  It's not too sweet, and it it tastes like that corn based cereal, Kixs. Anyone remember those? There is a slight tangy taste to it- from the yogurt, but it's not enough to taste sour or bitter.  From the honey, it is sweet, but not enough to feel like you're eating a pound of sugar.  Great to travel with, and child friendly.

Compared to a regular cheesy corn doodle, these are not too messy to eat. The powdering does dust off a bit on your fingers, so make you have a napkin handy just in case.

What are your opinions about this? Like? Hate?

Other places to buy this at
If you don't have such stores near you, you can always buy these online.
NapaJapan sells this flavor amongst other flavors.
Asian Food Grocer sometimes sell these. They usually run out quickly!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ipsy March Review + Swatches

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing the March Ipsy Bag. This review will be longer than usual because I had quite a lot to say about some of the products. (: Enjoy!

I  p s y   M a r c h

The bag chosen for the month of March is one that is exclusively made for Ipsy. It was designed by a San Francisco artist by the name Klari Reis. It is said that this design is supposed to represent San Francisco and the ipsy headquarters.  Honestly, I wasn't too excited by it initially when I first saw it as a spoiler online.  However, as the days passed with it in my hands, I am growing fond of it. 

It is charming in its own way, and it does remind me of the many paintings my sister and one of my best friends use to draw many times in high school.

Inside, the bag is a nice royal blue color. Not the best material out there, and overall the bag feels kind of like plastic, but it is unique.  On the card, it says Ipsy will provide some opportunities for other artists to create future bags. How fun!
Contents of the bag

As you can see, there were only four items for the march bag.  It was a bit of a let down since I was used to getting five, even six, items for some months. Still, I was pretty excited that the items chosen for me were right up my alley.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pop Beauty Plump Pout Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review. Today I will be reviewing the Full sized Pop Beauty Plump Pout, that was sent to me because of the issue with the mini size one that was sent last month in the February Ipsy Bag. Click here to read about the issue.

Came with a note. Said note is the same response that they sent by email.

This is the Pop Beauty Plump Pout (Full Sized) in Fuchsia Freesia. It is a liquid Lipstick Stain that is said to have a long wear and a bright shine.

Wicked big sized!  If you notice, the color is also more brighter and barbie pink than the mini size that was sent out. The full size it far wider, but also thinner.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Boston Globe Travel Show- Overview [Image Heavy]

Hello everyone! How many of you attended the Boston Globe Travel Show during the week of February 07-09 at the Boston Seaport World Trade center? I surely did! I attended with my father, and awkwardly stood on the sidelines, watching and learning as he spoke for Mexitours. (Perhaps you may have stopped by?) It was super fun, and staying in a hotel was such a relaxing moment.  The drive there took about 7 hours! Mostly due to the fact that parts of the highway were closing left and right for an assortment of reasons.

In either case, I have some pictures of the show.  If anyone else attended, please post or share any stories or pictures you may have. Thanks! (:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ipsy February Review [Image Heavy]

Hellooo everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today, I will be reviewing the Ipsy February Bag- which, let me tell you, was full of stinky products and some that just left me wondering, "AGAIN!?". Ahh. Anyways, on to this.

I p s y   F e b r u a r y
The bag itself is a bright hot pink, with leopard printed spots inside. It's cute, but not something I would bring with me outdoors. Honestly, it just reminded me of those little girly bags I used to have to carry my toys in as a child. Such memories!
Everything fit perfectly snug in bag!
Contents of bag:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Membox 4th Edition Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Reviews! Today I will be reviewing: Memebox 4th Edition Review.  I know I know, pretty late, considering how Memebox is already coming out with a dozen boxes all at once.  I can't keep up. Yikes. In any case, most of these products I didn't get to try out, so I will be updating this post every time I properly, and fully,  try them out. (: Thanks.

Memebox 4th Edition

Contents of box:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

February PopSugar Must Have Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review.  Today, I will be reviewing the February month (last month for me) of the Popsugar subscription.  I found that many people were extremely disappointed with this box, however, because I only paid $20 (yay discounts!) for this box, I was semi pleased.

Overview of everything.
 Contents of box:

Upcoming Posts and dates!

Hello everyone! So over the next few days, I shall be releasing a few content! Some are reviews, where as some will be overall reviews of some events I went to.

PopSugar Must Have Box February Review- Will be up on February 27th [Done]
Memebox 4th Edition ReviewWill be up on March 4th [Done]
Ipsy February Review : Will be up on March 6th [Done]
Boston Globe Travel Show Overview : Will be up on March 7th [Done]
Washington DC Travel Adventure Show Overview: TBAIpsy March Review: Will be up on March 23rd
Dominican Republic Trip Overview: 
PopSugar Must Have March Review: Will be up on March 26th

I will also be attending the NY Times Travel show this weekend on February 28th - March 2nd. [Success].  I will also be posting up my over view of that too, when I can! Here's hoping that event will be as fun as the other two shows. (:

If you would like to see early pictures of the Travel Show events, check out my facebook on the side bar!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

MemeBox 3rd Edition Review

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing a relatively new Beauty/Skincare Subscription service from Korea, that just launched here, in the USA.

By the way, does any one like my new little logo? Haha, decided that was a more cuter way, besides putting the website name, on my photos. Picture is from my deviantart account.

Anyways! Here is my review of:
M e m e   B o x   3 r d   E d i t i o n

Great mixture of both beauty and skincare products!

Contents in Box:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[EXPIRED] Deal Alert! PopSugar Must Have Code!

* P o p s u g a r   M u s t  H a v e *

Hello everyone! So I recently came across this AMAZING code for Popsugar.  It is a 50% off code, which is extremely rare to find, but oh so perfect for the Valentines and Month of Love that is approaching. Whether it be for someone special, or as a treat for your amazing self, you can essentially get the box for about $20 (a dollar or two more for tax).

Use Code: ASK50 to get 50% off your FIRST box only.  If you do not wish to recieve it monthly, you can buy the one month, and check off  the 'gift' option. Ta-da! (:  This is an amazing deal because you ALSO get FREE SHIPPING.  I only paid $21 for mines, sweet! Also, because this is for the Feb Box, it is said that you are GUARANTEED to get this by Valentines Day. Excited? I sure am.So sorry! The code is said to be expired now. Hopefully another such deal comes along (: Here's hoping this month will be awesome! Or at least decent.

 What is Popsugar?                     

"Hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food ||Full-size products and premium items || Only $39.95 a month, with free shipping"
Category: Lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, food
Price: $39.95
Referral Link: Please click here to join. Thanks if you use it!

Check out my Review for the Popsugar Must Have January Box if you would like to see an example of things you may get (:

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January PopSugar Must Have Box Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review.  Today, I will be reviewing the January Box of Popsugar, which I bought as a one time thing to try out.

This was shipped out by FedEx Smartpost, and for anyone unfamiliar with is horrid. It took almost 2 weeks for delivery, and for the majority of time it was listed as 'N/A for Delivery'. Yikes. But after tearing through the box, I was amazed at how huge everything was (after seeing so many spoilers and being kind of 'meh' over it.)

Pretty inside.

6 Full Sized Products.

Contents of box:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ipsy January Review

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing the January bag of Ipsy.  Now, I'm not sure if anyone has come across some of the forums, but many people did not seem pleased by this months contents. Whether it be because of the ridiculously small samples, or because the bag smelled of an extreme nasty plastic scent. Either way, here is my review!

 I p s y   J a n u a r y
Theme: 19 Reasons
The bag itself is a baby sky blue color, with pictures of products lined across as if it were a makeup city. The bag does not smell pleasant, in fact, I would advice putting your face anywhere near it. 

Contents of the bag:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ipsy November Bag Review

Hello welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing the November Ipsy Bag.

N o v e m b e r   I p s y   B a g
                                                               Theme: Glam it Up!

Novembers bag wasn't exactly what I expected.  A part of me felt uninterested in what was being given out, however I was crossing my fingers in getting a colored eyeliner and some form of lip product.  The bag itself was a bit on the odd side.  It sparkled and shone under every type of light- whether it be dimmed or bright.  


The bag itself was gold on the outside, with a diamond design to it.  Inside, a bright bold pink etched the inner contents of the bag.  I decided to give this bag to my mother, since it matched her more.

Contents of the bag:

Friday, January 3, 2014

Taste Trunk Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Reviews.  Recently I was able to snag a Buy 1 Get 1 free deal from Taste Trunk. Being the food lover that I am, I snagged the deal, in hopes that I can surprise my father with it.  Surprisingly, this came two days earlier than expected!

T a s t e   T r u n k 
I ordered the Gourmet Trunk, in hopes that there would be some sauces that my father can use for cooking.  Boy, was he delighted by what he found! It was packaged quite  nicely.  Both boxes were in a usps box, encased together.  Upon opening the box, everything was covered in black paper, and tied with a pretty purple string (which later became a toy for my two cats).   There was also an envelope in the box.

What's in the bag?

It reminded me of back in the very old days, beyond the time when I was born. Perhaps that of the ages of my grandparents.  The designs of an olden newspaper was a very delightful thing to see. It made me smile.

Note cards with recipe ideas and info about products.

C o n t e n t s: