Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ipsy February Review [Image Heavy]

Hellooo everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today, I will be reviewing the Ipsy February Bag- which, let me tell you, was full of stinky products and some that just left me wondering, "AGAIN!?". Ahh. Anyways, on to this.

I p s y   F e b r u a r y
The bag itself is a bright hot pink, with leopard printed spots inside. It's cute, but not something I would bring with me outdoors. Honestly, it just reminded me of those little girly bags I used to have to carry my toys in as a child. Such memories!
Everything fit perfectly snug in bag!
Contents of bag:

J. Cat Beauty Eyelashes in EL43
Again. Eyelashes. Sigh. I don't wear false eyelashes because I am a glasses wearer, and I'm pretty sure I  clicked the dislike/ do not want option for anything that is eyelashes, nail polish, or blush.  With that said, I might just throw this in my growing eye lashe collection, and perhaps one day try them for fun.

The pair that I received are in EL43. I'm not an expert on what looks natural or not, but these seem pretty wearable for a every day basis. They appear to give a more vivid boost of boldness to ones eyes.

Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini in Fuchsia Freesia
I was excited to try this. I love lip glosses, tints, lipsticks, and lip stains. Unfortunately, I was one of the many people who apparently got one of the 'bad batches'.  The moment I began twisting and turning the handle of the gloss, a wave of scents hit me. First a mild rubber scent came out. I didn't think nothing of it at first because of course, the cover was made of rubber.

However, it became more worrying the moment I actually got a whiff of the contents of this lip gloss. It's hard to pinpoint the exact scent of this, but for me, it smelled like burning gasoline. Like leaving a car running, and then repeatedly holding down the gas. In that same token, the cars tire will begin to smell like burning rubber.

This is the exact thing this gloss mimicked.  Which is really a shame because it's such a lovely color. I was hoping to finally get a pink lip color, amongst all my reds.  I did take swatches on it, which I will show below. I immediately rubbed it off my lips afterwards. 

I did contact both Ipsy and Pop Beauty about this issue.  Ipsy sent me a replacement (which still smelled as horrible as the first) and a mini Urban Decay Lipstick in the color 69.  Pop Beauty, on the other hand, offered to send me a full sized version of the Mini Plump Pout. So when I receive that I'll review it properly.  Due note: I have heard that the coloring of both the mini and the full sized are completely different. So the coloring you see below might not be the 'actual' and true color of the Fuchsia Freesia.
 S w a t c h e s
Arm swatches.

On my lips. One-two coating.

Replacement items.
Beautiful bold UD Lipstick and PopBeauty mini.

Zoya Nail Polish
Again. Again. Again. More Nail polish. I'm not sure how many times must I fill out areas saying 'NO NAIL POLISH', but I always seem to be chosen for it. Not to mention, this color is just not as cute as it initially was. It's a creamy looking pastel shade of pink. It's a rather reminiscent color of purity and innocence, and most likely perfect for the upcoming spring weather.

The color I received was in the color 'Dot', which is from the new Zoya line : Zoya Awaken Spring 2014.

This will be given off to my lovely mother.

Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in one in Violette
This has quickly become one of my favorite items in this bag. This is a cream shadow and base mix, and creamy it is indeed.  It is a lovely purple shade that comes off as a shimmery violet color, but once blended and smudged, it's more sheer and neutral looking. Or at least on my eyes they come off as a more shiny neutral color once blended. 

What I love about this is that it really does present itself as a good base for other colors. Where a pink eyeshadow color usually doesn't show up on my eyelids, with this underneath the pink will pop out more. 

The down side? This smells like a chemical unit gone wrong. Ugh. Not as bad as the Pop Beauty plump, so this is more wearable (especially since I don't have to place this around my mouth area).

  S w a t c h e s
First two are normal swatches. Third is smudged.

Skyn IceLand Fresh Start Mask 
This is a 2 step face mask.  It is designed as an anti-aging mask that detoxes and smooths out your complexion. Frankly, I am not too familiar with the idea of any sort of masks, as I have never wore one. But thanks to Ipsy and Memebox, I now have a small collection growing. I'll use this one day.


Overall, this was a not so okay month. The month of February was so full of mistakes and errors that my head spins just thinking about it. There was only two products I was most excited for- one in which is just not usable and most likely toxic. The others will be given to my mother. The mask will be used sometime far in the future.
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