My Subscriptions!

                                                      Current Subscriptions

1. Ipsy (My Glam)
Cost: 10$ + Free Shipping
Referral Link - It would be nice if you use it. I earn points for this. Thanks!
Category: Beauty Subscription
       Ipsy gives you 4-5 beauty products a month, PLUS a cute little makeup bag, for just 10$ a month. This is curated by Michelle Phan.

I know, this list is lonely :( That's what happens when you're low on funds!

                                                   Temporary/On Hold subscriptions

Cost: 33$ + 6.99$(Starter Box), 66$ (Healthy Box), 99$ (Large Box)
Referral Link - It would be nice if you use it. I get points for it. Thanks!
Category: Food Subscription
Healthy Surprise has all Healthy, Natural, Vegan, Dairy Free, and Gluten free snacks!

3. Graze- On hold until whenever. Not as exciting as it once was.
Cost: 5$ A week, free shipping. However, you get your first and fifth box FREE.
Promo/Invite Code: 5YNN5YM ---Link
Category: Food Subscription

4. KlutchClub - Temporary because I like waiting for promo or discount codes since I can't afford too much subscriptions every month. Love this subscription service though.
Cost: $10 + $8 Shipping
Referral/Invite: Link - It would be nice if you use it, I get points for it. Thanks!
Category: Health, Fitness, Wellness
"KLUTCHclub is a new monthly subscription service that sends a hand-picked and “themed” box of holistic health, fitness and wellness products – organic protein bars, workout wear, skincare products, teas, etc. – right to your doorstep every month"

5. Love With Food - Temporary on hold till whenever. Honestly, it lost it charm, so it might just be dumped into the 'cancelled' forever category soon.
Love With Food - Discover Great Food for a Great Cause
Cost: 10$ + 2$ shipping
There are MANY codes out there that give you the box for as much as 2-7$.
*Current promos are: FBFOOD, FBGIFT - These will make the box only $2. One use per account.*
Referral: Link
- Please use the promo code with my referral link? (: It would be nice, and I get points for it, thanks!
Category: Food Subscription

6. Taste Trunk
Might go back to this again.  Check out my reviews on it, it was pretty good!
Cost: $29 + Shipping
Category: Food, Gourmet, Online Store

7. PopSugar- *On/Off Relatioinship*
At this point, this is an off and on deal for me. I'm only subscribing for one month gift deals for myself, when there is a $10 code or a 50% off one.
Cost:  $39.95
Category: Fashion, Lifestyle, Home
Referral Link: Link - Please use my referral code! Thanks if you do (: I appreciate it.

                                                   Dead subscriptions/Cancelled

8.  Goodies Co- They are officially done. Dead.
Cost: 7$ + free shipping
Website Link
Category: Food Subscription

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