Friday, June 5, 2015

Double Review- February and March Ipsy 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing the February and March Ipsy bags of 2015. So late. I need to find a better way to transfer my phone pictures.

February Ipsy 2015
This months bag was one of the only ones I liked all year.  Its a diamond patterned pink and grey bag.  I have no idea what type of material it is, but it was sturdy enough. 

Emite Make up - Professional Eye Lash Curler
I don't use products like this and frankly after many reports of this breaking apart on people...I just threw it away in some corner. I'm not willing to risk someone I care about, or me , to hurt themselves over this.

ModelCo- BLUSH Cheek Powder
This is such a beautiful peachy gold! It really is too bad that I don't wear blush at all. Though this is making me want to go out and try it.

Demeter Fragrance Library- First Love Roll On Perfume Oil
At first I didn't like how this smelled. It was overly sweet and floral and kind of a generic scent you'll recognize when you randomly walk by someone.  It reminds me a bit of how detergent smells like. However, after trying a few times and letting it linger on my skin longer, I found that I might like this.  It starts off sweet, but ends in a clean 'after shower' type of scent.  It's nice I suppose.

City Color- Creamy Lip Stain in Flirtini
This was perhaps my favorite item in the whole bag. Which, to be fair, is not really at all surprising since I am a lip junkie. The stain was super pigmented, as you can see in the swatch above, and such a gorgeous pink. It is creamy, and a little goes a long way. The downside is that it smells horribly of chemicals.

Mitchell and Peach- Fine Radiance Face Oil
I like using face products, however I never got to try this.  I already have too much face oils to try out. Still, these are always useful.

Overall, the month of February was not too exciting.  I have not found myself reaching for any of the products.

                                                               March Ipsy 2015
The month of march had another loely bag.  It was blue and floral, and kind of abstract looking.