Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Love With Food August Gluten-Free Box Code + Spoilers

Hi Everyone! I have some exciting news today for everyone.  I have a 50% off code for your first Love with Food box as well as some spoilers for the first ever Gluten-Free Box from the company Love with Food.

Love with Food
Here's a hint:  Cookie Mix, Multigrain BBQ chips, and nutty rice bites with blueberries. Excited? You should be! My stomach is already watering by the aspect of the yummy treats inside. Read on to find out the exact details of whats hidden inside the Gluten-Free box of August.

[ Code ]
Since this is what most people tend to look for, here is the code upfront! Below are the spoilers.

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Sign up before August 1st to receive this box! Hurry! This offer WILL go fast.

[ Spoilers Ahead ]
* All images and info courtesy of Love with Food. Thanks!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Jordana Color Envy Waterproof liquid Eyeliner Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing The Jordana Color Envy eyeliner in the color 02 Brown Desire. Swatches are at the end of the post.

02 Brown Envy.

I recently went to Kmart and wandered to the beauty section, in hopes of buying a cheap eyeliner or two in replacement of my missing black liquid eyeliner.  I found this for $2.99 and immediately grabbed the only brown one available.  After all, I have dozens of black pencil eyeliners, I might as well snag a brown liquid one to see the difference between the browns and blacks.

Fortunately, I have heard of this brand during my adventures of Ipsy *, a monthly beauty subscription service for only $10 a month. I have heard good moderate reviews on this, so my experimentation with this brand began.

For it's price, I have to say, this is a moderately good product.  The brush is a fine point that delivers an easy to make thin line. However, I found that this product leaked a lot.  Upon application, it had so much excess product, that it would smudge on my lower lash lines and above on my crease. Besides that, it manages to easily drip to my lashes, in which it will harden and cause my lashes to become brittle and weak.  Yikes, right? I'm assuming this is due to the waterproof aspect taking effect.

Besides those cons, I found that this eyeliner does last hours, and once it settles it does not smudge at all. With a heat wave that struck humidity down on us rather harshly, I was surprised that this eyeliner lasted about 5 hours before it began to fade and chip off.  This is including sitting directly in front of the sun.  It lasts longer if you use a pencil liner to fill in the cracks, or on any areas that fade.

I would suggest having a cotton tip and makeup remover on hand, when using this eyeliner, especially if it manages to smudge around or dip down to your lashes. 

Overall, for a $3 product, I got what I paid for. While there were many flaws to it, I did like how it long it last, and how similar to black it looked, without looking as harsh on the eyes. I also loved how it didn't smudge.  Be warn, this product does chip and fade after a few hours!

S w a t c h e s
Arm Swatches. Super liquidy.
Left - Bathroom Lighting.
Right- Natural Lighting.

Me wearing the Jordana Color Envy eyeliner in 02 Brown Desire.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sleek MakeUp- Mini Birthday Haul Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Long time no post, but I still haven't received my hard drive, so I figured I should do individual reviews of some recent makeup products I got for my birthday. :) My reviews on my subscriptions shall be posted within the next few weeks- stay tuned! Till Then, here is my

Sleek Makeup Mini Birthday Haul Review

{   True Colour Lipstick in the color Mystic   }
Price: $7.49

Left: Lipstick managed to break off with how soft it was. Natural light.

 A gorgeous purple color that is more on the pinkish tone side, with a hint of glitter and shine.  This is a matte lipstick that conditions and hydrates your lips.  Due to it being a matte, I do suggest applying a bit of lip balm with it.

I love this color and this lipstick. It goes on smooth, and gives a good pigmentation. I do wish it was a more true purple, but this is pretty nice.  It reminds me of many fuchsia lip colors like the Pop Beauty Lip Stain, but a tad bit darker.

The only downside is that this melts ridiculously fast. I'm assuming this is probably due to some wax in the formula.  Terrible considering that it is summer, and the temperature is reaching as high as 95 degrees.  I found that no matter where I placed this at, I would open it and find it half melted with  heat bumps all over it.  It seems like shoving it in the fridge is a temporary fix. 

I admit. I wish this was a pure darker purple color.

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