Thursday, February 27, 2014

February PopSugar Must Have Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review.  Today, I will be reviewing the February month (last month for me) of the Popsugar subscription.  I found that many people were extremely disappointed with this box, however, because I only paid $20 (yay discounts!) for this box, I was semi pleased.

Overview of everything.
 Contents of box:

Upcoming Posts and dates!

Hello everyone! So over the next few days, I shall be releasing a few content! Some are reviews, where as some will be overall reviews of some events I went to.

PopSugar Must Have Box February Review- Will be up on February 27th [Done]
Memebox 4th Edition ReviewWill be up on March 4th [Done]
Ipsy February Review : Will be up on March 6th [Done]
Boston Globe Travel Show Overview : Will be up on March 7th [Done]
Washington DC Travel Adventure Show Overview: TBAIpsy March Review: Will be up on March 23rd
Dominican Republic Trip Overview: 
PopSugar Must Have March Review: Will be up on March 26th

I will also be attending the NY Times Travel show this weekend on February 28th - March 2nd. [Success].  I will also be posting up my over view of that too, when I can! Here's hoping that event will be as fun as the other two shows. (:

If you would like to see early pictures of the Travel Show events, check out my facebook on the side bar!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

MemeBox 3rd Edition Review

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Today I will be reviewing a relatively new Beauty/Skincare Subscription service from Korea, that just launched here, in the USA.

By the way, does any one like my new little logo? Haha, decided that was a more cuter way, besides putting the website name, on my photos. Picture is from my deviantart account.

Anyways! Here is my review of:
M e m e   B o x   3 r d   E d i t i o n

Great mixture of both beauty and skincare products!

Contents in Box: