Friday, March 7, 2014

Boston Globe Travel Show- Overview [Image Heavy]

Hello everyone! How many of you attended the Boston Globe Travel Show during the week of February 07-09 at the Boston Seaport World Trade center? I surely did! I attended with my father, and awkwardly stood on the sidelines, watching and learning as he spoke for Mexitours. (Perhaps you may have stopped by?) It was super fun, and staying in a hotel was such a relaxing moment.  The drive there took about 7 hours! Mostly due to the fact that parts of the highway were closing left and right for an assortment of reasons.

In either case, I have some pictures of the show.  If anyone else attended, please post or share any stories or pictures you may have. Thanks! (:

MexiTour Booth.  My father and I at bottom. (:

Ahh! What a sexy Ford!
Lego Land Squirrel.
American Express Vacations.

My father.
Culinary Stage 2.

Culinary Stage 2.

What a beautiful dog!
Costa Rica Booth.
Culture stage.

Dominican Booth. Mmm, delicious Dominican styled Sancocho.

Finally, my loot!

Will use all the bags to hold my ever growing makeup collection, hehe.
So much bags! So much books and pamphlets on places I wish to one day visit! And of course lots of pens and other small freebies. The places I adored in this event were: The Dominican Republic, Aruba, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico.  They really went all out in the Boston Globe Travel Show, and really made an effort to interact with the people, and show what their origin of country was all about.

Overall this was a great event. Boston is a weird place (this coming from a New Yorker!). The streets are vastly different, and the whole city is almost built under tunnels, upon tunnels, within tunnels! So weird.  The people there also didn't seem too smile so much, so I felt a bit awkward there. Still, despite a few bad apples during the event (we even had people tell us to stop talking to them about Mexico because they just wanted free stuff...oh...okay then), it was still pretty fun. 

We stayed in a Hotel that seemed shady and ghetto, and did not held such good reviews. We liked it though. The rooms were nice, and clean, and we got free coffee whenever we want, haha. Which really, as long as we have a bed to sleep on and some coffee, my father and I will like any hotel!

Stay tune for my other updates on the Washington and NY Times Travel Shows. (:

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