Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tohato Honey Yogurt Caramel Corn Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! I decided to go back to my roots, and get off my butt and actually review some of the snacks from hauls I got months ago.  A few months back, I managed to go to the widely talked about Asian Store- Dainobu. It is a Japanese Deli + Grocery located in 12 ST E 47th Street in New York, NY.

I have to admit. I splurged. Even more so than usual because of the sales being held. I managed to get about 34 items for only $80.  Yikes, right? It was worth it!

Honey Yogurt Caramel Corn
Brand: Tohato
Price:  $2.98
Bought at Dainobu
First off, the packaging.  I noticed it right away because of the bold bright yellow bag.  Each flavor of the Tohato Caramel Corn snack comes in different colors with different expressions or faces on them.  The best looking ones are the Halloween editions, so cute!

Initially, I heard of this brand before, and was trying to find the original red bag one (Peanut one said to taste just like Cracker Jack), but instead found this one and an orange flavored one (Will Review later).   I'm not too much of a fan of honey flavored items, but I LOVE Yogurt stuff.  So why not try it? I'll say it now. This was a perfect choice.

To open, you have to grab the pointy edges and pull down; which causes it to open it from the side. Not exactly ideal if you want to save some for later (as I tend to do).

How curly!

This snack is a caramelized corn puff with a flavoring of yogurt and honey.  It has the consistency and texture of a cheese doodle- fluffy but not too airy,  and makes a slight snap when bitten. This snack is more lumpy and curly in appearance, compared to your regular corn snack.

It also melts nicely into your mouth, which is always good for small children. (Note: My greedy side wants to keep this all to myself because it is so addicting to eat).

I have to say, this snack is really good.  It's not too sweet, and it it tastes like that corn based cereal, Kixs. Anyone remember those? There is a slight tangy taste to it- from the yogurt, but it's not enough to taste sour or bitter.  From the honey, it is sweet, but not enough to feel like you're eating a pound of sugar.  Great to travel with, and child friendly.

Compared to a regular cheesy corn doodle, these are not too messy to eat. The powdering does dust off a bit on your fingers, so make you have a napkin handy just in case.

What are your opinions about this? Like? Hate?

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Asian Food Grocer sometimes sell these. They usually run out quickly!

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