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Sleek MakeUp- Mini Birthday Haul Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review! Long time no post, but I still haven't received my hard drive, so I figured I should do individual reviews of some recent makeup products I got for my birthday. :) My reviews on my subscriptions shall be posted within the next few weeks- stay tuned! Till Then, here is my

Sleek Makeup Mini Birthday Haul Review

{   True Colour Lipstick in the color Mystic   }
Price: $7.49

Left: Lipstick managed to break off with how soft it was. Natural light.

 A gorgeous purple color that is more on the pinkish tone side, with a hint of glitter and shine.  This is a matte lipstick that conditions and hydrates your lips.  Due to it being a matte, I do suggest applying a bit of lip balm with it.

I love this color and this lipstick. It goes on smooth, and gives a good pigmentation. I do wish it was a more true purple, but this is pretty nice.  It reminds me of many fuchsia lip colors like the Pop Beauty Lip Stain, but a tad bit darker.

The only downside is that this melts ridiculously fast. I'm assuming this is probably due to some wax in the formula.  Terrible considering that it is summer, and the temperature is reaching as high as 95 degrees.  I found that no matter where I placed this at, I would open it and find it half melted with  heat bumps all over it.  It seems like shoving it in the fridge is a temporary fix. 

I admit. I wish this was a pure darker purple color.

  S w a t c h e s (Click to
zoom in)
Lip Swatches. Me.
Left + Middle : Natural Light + no other makeup. 
Right : Bathroom light + Light eyeliner.
Arm swatch. Natural light.

{   Eye Dust in the color SpellBound   }
Price:  $4.49 || Bought on sale for $2.25
Eye Dust in SpellBound

This loose eyeshadow is highly pigmented, and can be layered to give a stronger affect.  I chose this because I hardly have any black shadows and figured I can always blend this with a more potent vibrant color (Hint hint: Perfect for the next item in the list ). That and of course because it was on sale for $2.25.   In general, I find that these are easier to work with. Messy too.  It has a little plastic seal on it, however once removed to use, the shadow is easy to spill out or poof everywhere. On the plus side, this little jar can last me years.

I haven't played with it fully, but will do soon.  Pretty hard to work with during this summer heat though! However, I did use it for a bit and found that it is very vibrant black indeed! It does blend wonderfully, but tend to flake and fall over all.

{   I-Divine Palette in Ultra Matte V1   }
Price: $9.99 (Other palettes as high as $11.99)
Top (Left to Right) : Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragon Fly, Pucker, Bamm!
Bottom (Left to Right) : Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow!

Oh, woe is my heart.  The colors are just so amazing and so bright. While they may not seem appropriate to wear in daytime, you CAN work with them! I found that blending them them with a dark neutral color (browns) works wonders, and is great for an everyday spring and summer look.  While these are not as super pigmented as I wish, with a primer or base they probably will appear even more so.

I recently got to try this out for fun, and man! I adore the Blues! Chill (light blue) and Bolt (Dark blue) are simply amazing paired with Pow (white). Pair this with some simple black and silver eyeliner, and you have one amazing and powerful looking going on.  Unfortunately, I also tried out  Bamm (Yellow) and Strike (Orange) and they left me rather disappointed.  These two colors are extremely chalky and flakey for me, and it was rather hard trying to apply it evenly. Despite that, they are lovely colors that remind me of Halloween.

These are great to create a strong eye look, and perfect to pair with a nice nude creme/pink lip color.

S w a t c h e s (Click to zoom in)
Top Left to Right: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, DragonFly, Pucker, Bamm!
Bottom Left to Right:  Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow!
As you can see, there don't show up completely, or too vibrant on my arm. This is mostly because of me not having any primer to use under it.  It is build-able though.   I was pleasantly surprised to see how the white eyeshadow showed up perfectly against my pale skin tone. 

{   Final Opinions:  }

I really do recommend Sleek makeup! Their products are affordable but very good quality when it comes to pigmentation.  While some eyeshadow colors can be chalky, most of the colors are smooth and creamy and blend wonderfully. The lipsticks also give good color but be warn that they melt rapidly with this summer weather.  The only solution I found was shoving this in the fridge temporarily.

Website link: Sleek MakeUp
 Overall price paid for everything: $26.29

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