Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FOTD- Newbie tries hand at makeup again

Hello everyone! I haven't been able to update because I am having my laptop fixed over due to hard drive issues. So ALL my reviews and pictures are temporarily on hold till I get it back.  I decided I should just share a simple look I did because...well why not? I'm not an expert, and help would be appreciated of course.  I had fun with this, so haha.  I usually practice and experiment with different looks, and usually post the pictures on my instagram or facebook, so check it if you want. (:

Messy  hair, messy everything. What happens after you drink coffee! ((:

Products used
POP BEAUTY Pouty Pop Crayon - Coral Crush
California Collection BH COSMETICS
- Colors used: Malibu and Hollywood

SECRET KISS Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner
STARLOOKS Gem Pencil in the color Topaz
VICTORIA'S SECRET Bold Line Liquid Liner

I need to invest in some base and primers. I know I know. Ahh.

Maybe I'll do this more often, and share more pictures while I wait for my hard drive to return to me. :)

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