Thursday, January 23, 2014

January PopSugar Must Have Box Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review.  Today, I will be reviewing the January Box of Popsugar, which I bought as a one time thing to try out.

This was shipped out by FedEx Smartpost, and for anyone unfamiliar with is horrid. It took almost 2 weeks for delivery, and for the majority of time it was listed as 'N/A for Delivery'. Yikes. But after tearing through the box, I was amazed at how huge everything was (after seeing so many spoilers and being kind of 'meh' over it.)

Pretty inside.

6 Full Sized Products.

Contents of box:

Must have Beauty:                 
Malin + Goetz Detox Face mask
This is huge. I expected a tiny little thing, but at 4 ounces, this shall last me a very long while. This is a foaming gel mask that takes 5 minutes to take affect. It is made with antioxidants and vitamins that cleans your pores, hydrates your skin, and brightens your face up.

This was the product I was most excited about! Especially since I am going out the country in February, and this will be perfect for the hot weather over there! From the research I did, the majority of people claim that it makes your skin super soft, and it feels like pop rocks on your face. Haha, sounds delightful.
I am not sure why it keeps uploading this upside down. Eek.

Must Have Food:                     
The Juice Generation Book
Again, another huge item. I have never seen such a big recipe book before.  I was semi excited to see this in the box- now I just have to actually make an effort to try the recipes out!

This Book gives you 100 recipes for juices and smoothies; Largely made with vegetables and fruits for a tasty and healthy treat.

Healthy and Tasty.
Oooh! This one looks yummy.

Must Have Fashion:                
Jack + Lucy Tech Gloves
Ahh! Another item I was excited about! I have always wanted to purchase some tech gloves since I use my phone and text constantly.  I immediately ripped these out the bag and tried them on- they work! I have read on some forums and on facebook that many people received gloves that did not work for their phones, so that was a worry of mine. 

They are cozy dark gray knitted gloves, and perfect for this snowy weather! One thing I did dislike was how sharp and bulgy the black tip for the pointer finger was. But it is okay, I just got to wear and shape them out.

Must Have Home                       
Rifle Paper CO. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk Calender
I wasn't excited about this, but it's growing on me.  I don't typically use calenders, but because this year is turning out to be a year full of busyness, travels, and outings, this will be perfect to use! If you are not a calender user at all, here is an idea: I have read that some people are using the pictures as prints around the house. Great idea!

I ended up giving this to my father since he loves traveling, and this will be great for him.

Each city contains a mini map, cute!

Must Have Food                           
Pipsnacks white truffle Pipcorn
Holy Moly is this bag HUGE and HEAVY.  At 4 ounces, the bag takes up the majority of space in the box.  I am not too thrilled over the Truffle flavor, and am hesitating on trying this out. I never ate mushrooms before, but in general, I find the smell of mushrooms to be horrid. 

Still, I will eventually get to trying this out with my family- my father seems to be the only excited one, haha.

Must Have Beauty                           
Revlon By Marchesa Box O' Files
Frankly, I was not pleased about this, and after looking it over, I am still pretty neutral over this.  This is not a product I use ever, but I'll try them out. If not, I'll just hand these over to my mom who is a huge wearer of nails.
Haha! My pants match these perfectly.

I loved it! Initially, I wasn't too excited but I feel like it was worth the price.  I will use the majority, if not all, the products. I probably won't get another box though, unless there is another code (I used a $10 off one!), or if I had more funds. But I would recommend this box if you like a surprising variety of things.

 What is Popsugar?                     
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Category: Lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, food
Price: $39.95
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