Friday, January 3, 2014

Taste Trunk Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Reviews.  Recently I was able to snag a Buy 1 Get 1 free deal from Taste Trunk. Being the food lover that I am, I snagged the deal, in hopes that I can surprise my father with it.  Surprisingly, this came two days earlier than expected!

T a s t e   T r u n k 
I ordered the Gourmet Trunk, in hopes that there would be some sauces that my father can use for cooking.  Boy, was he delighted by what he found! It was packaged quite  nicely.  Both boxes were in a usps box, encased together.  Upon opening the box, everything was covered in black paper, and tied with a pretty purple string (which later became a toy for my two cats).   There was also an envelope in the box.

What's in the bag?

It reminded me of back in the very old days, beyond the time when I was born. Perhaps that of the ages of my grandparents.  The designs of an olden newspaper was a very delightful thing to see. It made me smile.

Note cards with recipe ideas and info about products.

C o n t e n t s:
5 Full Sized Products!

 Bruschetta All Natural Artichoke
I'll be honest. I never tried artichoke. Ever.  I'm not sure what I expected when I tried it, but it was odd. There was a mild vegetable taste with a strong bitter end to it.  I was not a fan. However, my dad LOVED this and decided that he would just mix in some garlic so it can be an 'improved' dipping.

Two Snooty Chefs Spicy Sedona Chocolate bar
I have heard so much about the idea of spicy chocolate, but was too nervous to try them.  I understand that in many cultures, such as spanish ones, these are very popular.  Still, I was afraid to try it. Finally, my father and I took a little piece each and was very pleased. It is very creamy and sweet, with a light tint of spice mixed in. One of the cards suggest mixing this some baked sweets, so we'll see what we'll do with the rest of it. I'm pretty sure it'll be gone as a midnight snack however.

Chateau All Natural White Garlic MarinadeNow, let me warn everyone. My father is a HUGE garlic fan. If he can, he will mix it to everything and make it taste fantastic.  It goes without saying that he squealed like a little girl and excitedly picked this out of the box. Already, dozens of recipes and ideas ran through his head.  He is thinking of using this for some grilled chicken or steaks marinated in this.

We have recently tried this with some breaded chicken and some breaded beef. It was divine.

1849 All Natural BBQ Sauce- Thick and Rich
This was the only item my father wasn't as fond off.  On the other hand, my sister adores all types of BBQ sauce, so we decided to ship one out to her.  We haven't tried this out yet, however it's BBQ sauce, so it's guaranteed to be tasty.

Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candy in the flavor Pear & Cinnamon
This was very unique, may I say! I was expecting a full on blast of sweetness from the pear and cinnamon, but was hit with a very fresh and floral taste. At first I felt like I was tasting some soap - which oddly enough was NOT a bad feeling. Of course, after the initial taste, a nice cinnamon taste took place. My father and I loved these, and agreed these are good to freshen up your insides, or to have during a car ride.

Final Verdict:

Overall, I am BEYOND pleased.  More so is my father, who this was a gift for! In total, I paid about $45 in a Buy 1 get 1 Free (shipping was about 15$). Was it worth it? Why yes, yes it was. Disappointingly I had to cancel because of low funds. However, I will be back, Taste Trunk! So don't you go anywhere.

About T a s t e   T r u n k
Taste Trunk is a marketplace for good taste. From gourmet food to household lifestyle, we search far and wide for great brands with a bit of character.
As well as having a monthly subscription service, they have an online store where you can buy all sorts of things. Pretty cool!
Website: Click to go to
Type: Monthly Subscription Service; Food; Online Store
Price: Only $29/month for the Monthly service.

I would really recommend this! Besides, their customer service was pretty much amazing and polite.

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