Saturday, October 11, 2014

ChapStick Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Day and Night Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review. Today, I will be going over a new chapstick that was sent to me by Smiley for free. (You may click on this link to receive .50 cents off this product!) However, my opinion is 100% my own. I may edit this post to update on anything new that happens with this product.

The kit itself.
The package came in a bubble wrapped large envelope with the Smiley logo stickered on.  The ChapStick kit included one ChapStick Dual Ended Hydration Lock Day and Night, and some .50 cent coupons to use on their products.

"Dual-ended premium lip balm for clinically proven healthier looking lips , Day formula is ultra-conditioning with SPF to protect your lips by day, Night formula contains tamanu oil and natural butters to replenish your lips by night"- Via

The chapstick has two different scents to differentiate between the uses .  The day end is more of a soft vanilla, or frosting, scent. The day end has spf 12 in it, and is advised to use 15 minutes before you go out in the sun.    Whereas the day is a sweet sugary scent,  the Night end is more lemony and has a more soothing and subtle smell.

 This chapstick works pretty good as long as you use both equally, on a consistent manner.  Otherwise, it feels as if the daytime end doesn't moisturize enough as it does when you use it together with the night end, or if you use it everyday.  I did find that the first day of using this, it made my lips more dried out, and flakey, but after the second day it soothed it out.

After wearing this for a month now, I have to say- I love this!  After continuous use, it does seem as if its doing its job. I prefer the night time use as it contains oils that seeps into your lips overnight, and prevent it from dehydrating - A common thing that happens to me, especially as it nears winter cold nights.

However, the downside is that I noticed after a few days of forgetting to use it, my lips became extremely dry and peely, despite keeping hydrated.  It did soothe a bit when I began to use it daily, but my lips were still left a bit dried. Of course, there is a warning to not use this on broken skin, so perhaps this is why it didn't seem to work as efficient after my lips dried, cracked, and began peeling off. So I don't fault this product for that.

Overall, this is worth buying and keeping around in your purse.  This can become anyones best friend, and the best part? You won't feel a need to constantly reapply it like many other chapsticks.  While I do prefer the night end better, since it does a better job and hydrating your lips over night, I have found that both works pretty well if used together daily.  

These also are light enough on your lips to wear before applying lipstick on, especially for matte type of lipsticks.

You can buy these at your local drugstores or supermarkets, or anywhere that sell this type of product. They retail for about $2.99

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