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KlutchClub- Best of Box Review

K l  u  t  c  h    B o  x
Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review.  A few months ago (Oh geeze, I think this was back in the summer?) I snagged up an offer to receive a free Best of Klutch box- all I had to do was pay shipping, which was only $8.

Overview of the box!

Contents of Box

Q Speed.
I had no use for these and passed these on to my father. Besides, I don't tend to take pills like these.

Alo Exposed in Original + Honey.
Aloe with honey, yum! I was hesitant on trying this because I have had mixed experiences with aloe vera drinks.  But this is rather good! It's sweet, but not overly so, and it is not overtaken with an aloe vera herby flavor.  This was a big hit with my family. I do believe this has actual small chunks of aloe, so be mindful of that if you're someone who doesn't like too much textures.

The great thing is that I have seen this in stores for about $1.50 to $2.00 .

Cocoa Via- Extract Supplement.
Whoa. This is just delicious! I personally placed about 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar to sweeten it up- you'll need to if you gag and cringe over bitter drinks. The dark cocoa is dark, creamy, and rich, and better than any milk chocolate you will taste. I like being traditional and mixing this with warm milk.  Seems like it would taste good in oatmeal too! The only downside is that this is on the pricy side.  I think about $8 to $13 a box? Yikes. Sigh. I guess this will stick to being a reward item.

Eat Your Vegetables in Sea Salt.
Mmm, so good! However this is way way wayyy too salty.  It has a great crunch, and tastes like a normal potato chip, but the sea salt is so overdone, only small amounts were doable.  This tiny bag was able to become two servings for me.  I have yet to see these in stores around me.

Hangover Sucks.
I do not drink, therefore I do not get hangovers. This was pretty useless to me.

African Black Soap in Mango. 
Ahhh I loved this! Smells like pure mangoes, and honestly, I was tempted to eat away at it. Haha. But it does wonders, and really does cleanses you.  Only bad thing is that the smell washes away rather easily if you are someone who loves bathing in super hot water. I admit, I was a bit shocked when I poured this onto my skin- it really is black in color. I'm not sure what I was expecting with the name 'black soap'.  Eeek. Bad brain.

Chocolate Coconut Bites.
I don't like coconuts. No no no no! With that said, these were okay.  It reminded me a bit of those Almond Joy candy bars, but without the almond. And with a stronger coconut scent.  Pity, since the chocolate part looked so appetizing.

Crystal Body deodorant towelettes.
Great for traveling, but not something I would buy since I don't sweat too much. I gave these to my mother and she was ecstatic- fits perfectly into your purse, and great for when you're walking too much or you are sweating like a beast.

The Clymb Gift (?) Card.
No use for this either, and really, I have no idea what to do with this. I think I lost this somewhere within these past few months.

Daily Burn discount.
Did not use this at all. Found this torn and ripped by my fathers cat.  I think it must be a sign, no working out using a computer!

Overall Opinion: In general, I loved this box, especially for just $8.  The great thing about Klutch box is that they tend to give out codes to get free boxes (excluding shipping) every few months or so! Worth it. However, this really is a gamble if you were to pay full price.  Many times, they repeat items, while other times, you sit there and wonder how you'll ever use such items.  Despite this, there usually is one or two key items that make the box worth it.  In this case, the Cocoa Via, the African Black Soap, and Alo Exposed were my key items.  Those three items itself passed the $8 value of the box. Now, if only I can find two of the three items in my local stores!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been late with my posts. I am still in the process of moving, and I lost many of my pictures I was going to use for my reviews (need more memory cards!).  I re-took many of them, so you guys will be seeing them in the upcoming days or weeks. Hopefully.  Besides that, I have some pictures on my phone for the how - to recipe, so I have to transfer and then upload those. So please, stay tune for those. Thanks everyone. (:

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