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Goodies Company Review- 3 months in 1! (Feb, March, May)

Hello everyone! Welcome to a Mega Jaqtastic Review! Today, I will be reviewing three months of Goodie Co Taster Boxes! I have a few other months I must review as well, but I think three in one post is long enough, yes? (: With that said, on to the review!

February 2013 Taster Box
Contents in box:

Margherita Pizza by Plentils (Gluten- Free)
Opinion: These are good, but not great. I'm not sure how exactly to describe the flavor, but it has a funny aftertaste  (Perhaps the lentil?) .  They have a slight crunch to them and hold a strong herby and cheesy flavor.  Which surprisingly, does remind you a bit like pizza in general.  - love

 Sesame Crunch Roasted Chickpea Snacks by Nutty Bean
Opinion: Ugh, guys. I can't deal with all these chickpea snacks. I don't like them. The texture gets to me, and the taste sends shivers down my spine.  This was passed on the my mother who claimed they were fantastic. 

 Smooth Operator   By Peanut Butter & Co.
Opinion: Peanut butter, chocolate, and some bread. What can go wrong with that combo? Nothing of course! This is very sweet, but rather tasty.  I'm sure some people would enjoy eating this with jelly too.  Personally, I can eat this stuff straight on the packet, haha.

Yogurt Pretzels by SnackWell's
Opinion: I adore yogurt products. Anything coated with Yogurt tends to be an instant hit with me. This wasn't exactly up to my expectations.  It is a pretzal shaped in an 'O', and is thinly coated with a faux yogurt. This means it has more of a cream flavor rather than a tarty-sweet flavor. Bummer! It is only slightly sweet and salty, with a slight audible crunch when bitten into.  Overall, there is a strong dominant wheat flavor. Good enough to satisfy that midnight craving. Would not be my first choice, however.

Bacon Cheddar Popcorn By J&D's
Opinion: I'm not sure of this.  I have not touched it to this day.  It haunts me. I have heard mixed reviews about this. Some say it actually does have that smokey bacon and cheese flavor.

Chewy Chips Ahoy with Reese's by  Chips Ahoy!  
Opinion: As much as I love Reese's, this is one product that I can't say I overly enjoyed.  It is beyond sweet, and has too much of a peanut butter taste.  I almost felt as if I was getting a million cavities in my mouth while eating this. Ugh.

March 2013 Taster Box
Contents in box:
Strawberry Preserves by Bonne Maman 
 Opinion: This is basically a puree strawberry jam. Pretty sweet, and yummy on some toasted bread. I personally spread this on an almond bisquit I had laying around. Can I say, perfect morning snack? Great with a warm cup of coffee.

Triple Berry Figs by Newton
Opinion: Fig bars used to be a staple snack, growing up as a child.  This is more sweeter and berried than the regular figs. Nothing wrong with these, still. I wished there were a larger portion. After all, these are pretty expensive in general, near my local super market. Sigh.
Watermelon and Peach Aloe Drink by Alo
Opinion: Okay so I have learn to adore Aloe drinks. My first one was from a trip to an asian store- a pure aloe flavored drink that had tiny jelly balls of aloe vera floating about. Since then, I have fallen in love with Aloe Drinks. Then I recently tried the Honey flavored Aloe Drink by Alo. It was magnificent and refreshing, so this was no different. Though it does have a sweet taste, it is not overbearingly so.  I personally prefer the honey flavored one over this.  The main flavor for this drink is peach, with a kick of watermelon. For those who are scared of tasting some herby plant flavor- don't fret. If you keep this chilled before drinking, it'll purely taste like the fruit mixed inside. There are not as many jelly alo in it.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar by BelVita  Opinion: Didn't get to try these because my mother kidnapped it the first chance she got. * Edit: I recently got my hands on these again, and let me tell you- these were awesome! Their are four long cookies/biscuits in this, which are hard and crunchy.  Ironically, instead of tasting like cinnamon, it tastes more like an oatmeal cookie! Big plus in my book. I love these.
Greek Yogurt Coated Granola Bar by Rickland Orchards
Opinion: Mmm Greek Yogurt. Mmm Granola bar.  Double win combo!

No Nut Vanilla Granola by Ola!
Opinon: Loved these! These were rather addicting to munch into, and were great when thrown into some vanilla yogurt. These didn't have the clusters unfortunately, so were a bit bland when it came to texture. Also great with vanilla yogurt, or into some cereal - like cheerios or frosted flakes.

Chocolate All Natural Instant Breakfast by Jovans
Opinion: Still have not tried this. 

Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies by Erin Baker's
Opinion: Another item that was taken at the first opportunity.  Since I am not a fan of peanut butter, it wasn't a big loss. However, I did not like how small of a sample these were. 

May 2013 Taster Box

Contents of box:
Olive Oil by California Olive Ranch
Opinion: It's olive oil! Useful for most things.  I was dying to use this for some asparagus and Parmesan cheese.

Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade Sour Power Straws by Dorval Trading
Opinion: Whoa, someone just took me back to the past! These are fantastic.  They are not as sour as I remember them to be, but they're just your typical sugared coated candy.

Mango Chipotle Sauce by Bronco Bob's
Opinion: As much as I was dying to try this out, it still sits hidden away.  From reviews around the web, it is said that this is both sweet and spicy.  Will try cooking with this when I can!

Organic Moroccan Mint Tea by Numi Tea
Opinion: No. Just no.  I hate tea.  Tea went bye bye first chance it had.

Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips by Beanitos
Opinion: For a chip that is made with beans, these oddly taste like Platanos! Known as Plantains. (Fried green bananas).  These had a slight cheese flavor, and held a audible stiff crunch.  These were good, but the nacho flavor didn't really settle well with my taste buds.  A big hit with the rest of the family though. A positive thing to note: These are healthy chips- thus, its nice that something healthy can actually have a pleasing edible flavor.

Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds by Kathie's Kitchen
Opinion: Another thing I passed on to my mother. I don't like pumpkin seeds. They make me feel ill.

Coconut Water by Zico
Opinion: First off, I am not a fan of unsweeten coconut water, which this is.  However, I have read of many recipes that will sweeten this up. I am saving this for such an event where I can experiment with it. (Heard of a recipe where you mix it with chocolate! sounds great!)

A chip clip + a Free Wholly Product Coupon
Opinion: Is it silly to say that this was my favorite product in this box? I have been craving Guacamole for a long time now! And to see that I can obtain a free spicy one? Ah, my heart flutters. The coupon expires in December of 2013.  The chip clip is rather useful too! I always have tons of snack bags open, so this will be great to keep it sealed and fresh.


There you have it everyone! (: I will try to finish up my other reviews (I am being set back a bit since my new boxes are currently in NJ, while I reside in Upstate in NY). Therefore, I will try to continue my new Cooking Segment and finish up my Klutchbox Review and well as my older Goodie Box reviews.

Till then. Have a lovely day and night, folks! I will try to post the results of today's Cooking with Jackie later this week. Tons of pictures and a recipe to go with it! (: It was an absolute blast with some minor errors along the way.

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