Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cooking with Jackie- New segment.

C o o k i n g  w i t h  M e -  J a c k i e

Hello everyone! Can you guess what I will be making for tonight's dinner? I'll give you a small hint...

Looks good? Here is another hint:

Pasta, Allioli sauce, codfish, guacamole spread on fried pork with onions. 

Yumm! Anyways, I will be taking pictures and writing down the recipe as I go along.  Hopefully this turns out as good as my mind is making it.  Afterwards, I'll be sure to make another post with more pictures and recipe, and overall taste test with it.  Sounds exciting? I hope it is!

Later on today I will also posting a 3-in-1 Goodies Box mega review.  Stay tune for that as well!

Have a good day, everyone. (:

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