Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wonka Randoms- Endless Gummy Variety Review

Wonka- Randoms Endless Gummy Variety

The box itself. Words to live by: Be Happy!
   Hello Everyone! How do you do? Today, I will be reviewing this new Gummy candy from the Wonka brand. 

This new 'Endless Gummy Variety' comes in an assortment of 70 different designs, and 3 different textures (Regular, one filled with a jam, and one with a foamy whipped marshmallow). Each bag is randomized, and thus never holds the same type.  

Inside the Smiley Box. So pretty and organized.
The treasure! Two full sized bags, one for you, and one for sharing. Sweet!

I found these to be really good. Usually my brother and I tend to snack on the 'Welch's Fruit Snacks' , and while these are probably less healthy, we found that the Wonka Randoms held a more stronger noticeable flavor.  Which is great when you're craving something sweet and fruity.

Sadly, my brother immediately devoured the bigger, re-sealable bag, after this photo.

Surprisingly, my favorite happened to be the textured variety that has some sort of berry jam in the middle. The jam filled variety has a marshmallow bottom, with a regular gummy top.  The jam lays in the center.

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting from it, but it did taste as real as any jam can be. Silly I know, but I'm not used to eating jam in general.  I didn't really care much for the plain marshmallow textured ones- the taste on the marshmallow was rather nonexistent and added nothing to it- whereas the ones with the marshmallow and jam were 100% better for me.  Perhaps cause it made it much more sweeter.

My favorite textured one! Jam filled gummy with a marshmallow bottom.

Some of the gummies in my bag.

Overall, I liked these. I probably will purchase these again, especially for my brother.  The re-closable ones are great to throw in a bag, for a quick snack.

If you have a Walmart near you, you can get a 10 oz bag for about $3. Prices may vary.

Note: I received this product free of charge from Smiley360. All opinions are my own.

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