Thursday, May 19, 2016

Francois et Mimi Elite HARDI Bluetooth Headphones Review

Hello everyone! How are you this nice and hot day? I recently was given some Francois et Mimi Elite Hardi Bluetooth headphones for free, and was delightfully excited to try them out.  Now, as a glasses user, typically, headsets are hard to use because they push against my glasses and cause head aches. So I won't be able to wear this for long extended periods of time (hours and hours of usage).

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  With that said, the Hardi Elite Bluetooth headphones are a simple black on black headset.  It is packaged with a charging cable, an aux cable, and a user manual along with the headset. It is said to work within 30 feet and has a playtime of around 10-15 hours.  It also has a rechargeable battery built in. It is recommended to charge it before your first use.  I admit, I was a bit confused on the charging process for it kept flashing between red and blue, before settling for red, after 10 or so minutes. 

These headphones were moderately okay. They are cushioned on the top and on the ear pieces, and are comfortable to wear.  However, I did find that overall they are a bit flimsy, and feel as if one wrong tug can break them easily. As a glasses user, this didn't apply too much pressure onto my glasses, so that was a plus.

Now,  I did notice that there was some issue with the charging cable. It is unbelievably short, and is a bit hard to charge via the computer, or with an AC adapter.  I would recommend using one that is longer.  Besides that, the cable did not fit in correctly into the micro usb slot, and was a bit slanted and took a bit of work to get it in.  I worry that it might break in the future.

While the sound quality isn't the best by all means, it's good for what it does.  When you receive calls and talk, the sound is a bit foggy and distance sounding, however, the sound is clear for anyone on the other end talking to you.
Connected with the aux cable, the music is clear on both sides (some people have stated that it only works on one side), so that was a relief.

On the downside, the bluetooth is not picked up by my tablet, only my phone.  But that's a small issue for me.

Conclusion: Now, is it WORTH over $50? No.  It's more of a $20-25 headphone. Overall, the quality is moderate, the design is a bit flimsy, and the charging cable doesn't have a right fit to it.  Yet, despite it, it's  a good option to have connected to your phone when you want to be hands free for music and phone calls.

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