Friday, January 18, 2013

December Goodies Co + January Love with Food

Hello everyone! So I finally decided to take pictures of the two food boxes I received, a few weeks back, while I was in New Jersey. Do note, I have NOT tried anything yet, however I probably will share these with family as to speed up the process. Enjoy (:

Subscription: Goodies Co. - December Box
Theme: Naughty or Nice
Price: $7 a month
Link: Goodies Co Linkage

Items in December Taster Box 2
* Sun Cups - Dark Chocolate Mint Cups
* Sun Cups - Sunflower Butter Milk Chocolate Cups
* EatSmart Naturals - Veggie Chips
* Effie's Homemade - Oat Cakes
* Rocky Mountain Popcorn - Cinnamon Sugar
* World Table - Mint Chocolate Cookie Thins
* Bare Fruit - Cinnamon Apple Chips
My initial impression: Great, I happen to get the mint vs cinnamon combo. Not a huge fan of mint, especially when paired with chocolate. I like chocolate to be...well just chocolate. On the other hand, I am a fan of cinnamon, however I am kind of skeptical of how Cinnamon sugar popcorn will taste like. I have never tried apple chips before. For $7 this is another awesome box! ((:

Subscription: Love with Food - January Box
Theme: International Delights
Price: $10 + $2 shipping a month
Link: Love with food Linkage

Items in the Love with Food January Box
* Almond Anise Bisotti
* Plantain Chips
* Firecracker Chocopod
* Gluten Free Shortbread Tea cookies (3 pieces)
* AppleStrawberry Applesauce
* Tiger Spice Chai
* Cinnamon Milk Chocolate
* Belgian Biscuit Dark Chocolate
My initial impression: Uh, well, small cringe moment. Not the best of boxes from Love with food, and most of the samples were super small. The Cinnamon and Belgian chocolates are far too small to even be called a sample. Overall, not too excited about this box, however can't wait to try the Plantain Chips! Used to eat them when I was a child- yum.

Love With Food - Discover Great Food for a Great Cause

So, there you have it! Love with Food (January) and Goodies Co (December) Boxes! Will review each box fully when I get to try them out. (:

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