Saturday, January 19, 2013

Graze- A nature/healthy snacks weekly subscription box!

Hello everyone (: So I just found out that Graze, previously a UK only service, is now coming to the US, so exciting!!

What is Graze?
To put it simply, Graze is a weekly subscription service, in which you choose from over 90 healthy snacks to be delivered to your home. There are two options to choose from- The NibbleBox and The LightBox. The best part is that it is ONLY 5$ a week. The downside? Graze is invite only. Sad, right?

Good news though, I have a referral code you can use to get your FIRST MONTH FREE. :D Great way to see if it suits your fancy.

Referral code: 5YNN5YM
Or, if you would rather have it in link form: Promo Code Link

Edit: I apologize if people don't like referral codes. But at the moment, this is the only way to get invited. I hope everyone understands. (:

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