Monday, January 21, 2013

Love with Food Jan Box- Plantain Chips Review

Plantain Chips by Turbana.

Hello Everyone! So, this was one of the items that I received for the Love with Food- January Box (Theme: International Delights). Growing up as a child, I had plantains as snacks and as part of a main dish. It's truly amazing how different it can taste depending on how you make it. I was excited to try this out!

More air than actual chips- very disappointing.

Mmm! Are mouths drooling yet? Because mines just did.

The Plantain Chips taste like any other plantain chip out there. Nothing too unique or exciting about these. However, I still found it delicious. Personally, I wished it was a bit more salted, but I have seen that many have said it was salted enough. Darn my salty cravings! (Time of month, maybe?).

Oh. Oh my. Okay. So these are VERY ADDICTING despite how common the taste is. The chips are crisp and crunchy, and the salty flavor seems to rush into your mouth as you chew the plantain around. Needless to say, it was hard to put down the whole bag! These will make a great alternative to potato based chips. Overall, I do recommend these, and most definitely will be on the look out to buy these.

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