Thursday, February 14, 2013

Healthy Surprise Starter Box 2013- Initial Impressions

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic Review. Today, I will be showing you guys my Healthy Surprise- Starter Box.

Let me start off by saying that I was disappointed. I expected to receive the February box (valentine version), and instead received one of the left over January boxes they had. I did talk to someone about it, but I guess nothing can be done by it. Sad Jackie.

Oh! For some reason I found all the products to be covered with something hard and crumbly, and found a lot of crumbs inside the wraps of my box. No idea what that was from.

Ugh, so I tried the Granny Smith Bare Fruit apple chip, and once again...I couldn't swallow it down ): Just like my previous horrible experience with Bare Fruits Cinnamon Apple Chips.

Edit: So I tried out the Fuji Apple Crisps. Not bad, but not good.  The texture is like a sponge, and the flavor hits you towards the middle of your chewing. Strong apple flavor, so be warned!
NOOOO. WHYY? Uggh. It's like they knew I hated almonds. Will not eat these. Will pass these off to my mom.

Edit: Oh man. MAN. This Cocomojoe is fantastic! I devoured these (shared with my brother- WEEP).  It is a nice blend of coconut and granola flavors. I definitely recommend these! (: I am not a big fan of coconut, but this was just so heavenly.

Edit:  I am saving the Original Nutty-Fruit Bar Raw Energy for my Midterm week (: Gonna see how good it really is!

I gave my mother the Sesame Mano Rawma Bar- Mango and Sesame are NOT a favorite of mines. She loved it though!

The Coconut Acai Rise Energy Bar was yummy.  The coconut is very noticeable, however because coconut isn't too sweet, the Acai kinds of gives it a sweet note.  Pretty good, and it doesn't give you a crash like coffee does.

Yum! Tried out a different flavor of Fruit.O before in a previous Love with Food Box, and they were pretty good (Mango)- Let me say, this Banana, Blueberry Blackberry one is 100% better!! Had a nice yogurt type of flavor, and the banana was noticeable in it. Yum. My brother loved it as well.

So I tried the coconut water and was disappointed. It is NOT sweetened at all, and just tastes of a pure coconut taste.  Strong coconut flavors make me feel ill, so I passed these off to my mother. She loved these, and wished she had more. (: She said that it made her feel satisfied!

I just tried out the Kale Chips, and thought, "Oh, this is actually okay", before I was hit with a strong aftertaste. Ah! No goood. On the plus side, I always wanted to try them, and I did, so yay.

Edit: So, I changed my mind. These Kale chips are just FANTASTIC when cooked and mixed with something else c: How did we used them?
Make some Sofrito (Wiki of what Sofrito is), and just take a small chunk of it, and mix the Kale Chips in. On the side, make some rice (we used yellow rice with beans), and mix the sofrito + Kale Chip mix.  Make sure that it's completely blended in, as in- you won't be able to see the Kale. Once done- enjoy! It blends in nicely with the rice and sofrito.  You can also try using it in soups.

Edit: I finally got to try the Incan Berries! It's...a unique flavor to say the least. These are NOT sweet, and instead hold a very strong and sour taste.  It is a bit of reminiscent of raisens- but with a strong sour, mouth clencing, taste.  It hits you right as you're chewing. Didn't really like these, but mom had these and said the sourness made her feel right awake. Hehe.

Well, there you have it guys! Everything that was in the starter box I received. Am I happy about this? Kind of. I will not be continuing this subscription, but will probably sign up in the future, again, when I have more money.

Edit Overall Rating: 7/10 (: Would love to rejoin in the future!

My cat, Teddy, loved the box (:

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Happy Valentines day, everyone! (:

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