Sunday, February 3, 2013

Graze Box 1 Review - A nature/healthy snacks weekly subscription box!

A nature/healthy snacks weekly subscription box!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jaqtastic review! Here I will be reviewing my first Graze box- yum.
Here is a link to what my box consisted of:

The graze box was delivered by USPS, for many people it came later into the week, and for some, the box never showed up at all. I believe I received mines on a monday, so I was pretty lucky. Opening the box, I found a little card with my name on it, explaining how this first box was my first.
What was inside:
strawberry milkshake
mini strawberries, white chocolate buttons and banana coins
My opinion: Okays, this was my FAVORITE in the box. I haven't had strawberries since I was a child, so I was a bit hesitant on trying them. However, after taking a bite, I devoured all the strawberries. They were juicy, despite being dehydrated, and had a lot of flavor. The white chocolate coins was pretty good too. Did not enjoy the banana coins. They were neither crunchy nor soft- but rather a very chewy, non flavorable thing. Eugh.

lightly toasted pistachios
roasted pistachios with a touch of salt
My opinion: I don't like pistachios, so I gave these to my mother. My friend had a different version of these and claims that only the shell has the flavor.

El picante
jumbo salted corn, hot chili peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks
My opinion: A second favorite! The corn reminded me of the Inka Corn from a previous Love with Food Box- crunchy and a perfect mix of salt. The chilli peanuts were hard to judge- there was not enough of it. However, the few I got didn't have too much of a chili flavor. Boo. The paprika breadsticks were okay- eating too much of it gave me a bad aftertaste though.

toffee apple
sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices
My opinion: So how many people assumed that these would be like apple chips? Yeah, this girl too. Instead, I was surprised by how chewy and soft the apple was. I have to say, it tasted amazing, but the texture was a turn off. Oh and the caramel toffee sauce was okay- tasted disgusting paired with the apple though! (: So to make it taste even more awesome, I took the milk chocolate coin from the Strawberry milkshake, and dunked it into the toffee sauce. Mmm.
Overall, I enjoyed this box! Can't wait for my other two to come (:

And before I forget, here is the little card that holds the nutrition facts of everything.


What is Graze?

To put it simply, Graze is a weekly subscription service, in which you choose from over 90 healthy snacks to be delivered to your home. There are two options to choose from- The NibbleBox and The LightBox. The best part is that it is ONLY 5$ a week. The downside? Graze is invite only. Sad, right?

Good news though, I have a referral code you can use to get your FIRST MONTH FREE. :D Great way to see if it suits your fancy.

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-Question: What did YOU receive in YOUR box?

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