Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Out of the Box Sampler- Feb 2013 Edition

Hello Everyone! So recently I heard about Out of the Box Sampler, and decided to buy the smaller box for 25$. Honestly, I am not too impressed over what I received, especially because there were too much candle products, and not enough variety. However, I did receive a few things I LOVED from it (A hello kitty looking ring, a beautiful pair or red earrings, and a pair of blue and white earrings).

Out of the Box Sampler
Cost: 25$
Site: Click here to go check it out for yourself!
The Main items consisted of: Candles, Tarts, Wax, Paper things, Earrings, a ring, a foot soap, bath salts, pins, and magnets
The only two food items in the box. A lollypop and some chocolate coated gummy bears.

Overall, this was an average box. I felt that the products I received were not worth the price. On the plus side, my mom adored everything, so these will be given to her (:

Question: Did anyone purchase this? Do you think this is worth 25$?

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