Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snack of the week.

    Hello Everyone! So recently I dragged my craving self into Walgreens, and went crazy on their clearance and sale prices on the junkies. Oh, the precious junkies. Yum. Many of the theater sized boxes of candy were only .79 cents! A great deal considering how you can buy them for a 1$+ in Dollar Tree, and other such places. Some other great deals consisted of king sized chocolate bars, 2 for 1.79$  or 3 for 3$ and things like that. 
     I admit, I spent about 25$ all together on everything- however, I will show you only two items that I have been digging into nonstop. These are my
 S N A C K   O F  T H E  W E E K
 Nice! Caramel Corn - Price: $2.49
Pepsi Wild Cherry- Price:  $1.79
Ah. What else can I say? Cherry soda is just amazing! Though I admit, Cherry Cola is a bit better because it's more stronger tasting, but I can't reject the Pepsi either (; This is making me crave a taste of Vanilla flavored soda (Never tried it)! Overall, caramel popcorn is delicious- and this one is double the nice. Perfect combo I must say!

Question: What is YOUR snack of the week?

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